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Control the iPhone screen from a computer

Hi guys.

OK very long shot but you never know.

Is there any way to control an iPhone screen from a computer.

The reason i'm asking i have an iPhone 4s which has been liquid damaged i have cleaned with a sonic cleaner & i have managed to get it to power up.

BUT i cannot get the screen to work its just a black screen normally i would say sorry nothing i can do but the circumstances of this one are a bit different.

Imagine the birth of your first son & your taking pictures on your iPhone of the happy event then you drop your iPhone into the birthing pool well this is exactly what happened to this guy the first photo's of his son being born are on this iPhone.

I know Apple's stance is don't use it near water & back it up ETC but these guys were not using iCloud & have never plugged this iPhone into iTunes so this is where its a problem.

Frustrating thing is iTunes recognises there is an iPhone there but won't let anyone go any further until the passcode is put in & without the screen there is no chance unless there is an app windows or Mac that can do that for them.

Its a shame Apple don't build some sort of failsafe into iTunes where if you do lose control of the iPhone screen you can input it from iTunes it wouldn't be a security breach as you still need the passcode in the first place.

Any help or suggestions here would be greatly appreciated

Thank you.

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Hope you all had a Merry Christmas.& Thanks for the suggestions guys

Josh i pretty much knew that i was asking maybe someone knew a way i had not come across before.

Hi Jason i also run my own repair centre & i have already ran it through a sonic cleaner & carefully scrubbed the LCD connectors with isopropyl Alcohol.

The iPhone would not even turn on when it came in to me so this is a step forward getting it to power on.

I just have to get a screen to work or find a way around it so i can either get it back to a working condition or get past the 4 digit lock code so i can recover the data.

The customer has given me the passcode he just wants the 1st photo's of his son.


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Try a new screen

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There is no way to control it from a computer... At least to my knowledge


Or try to reseat the LCD connector


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Take apart the phone and scrub it gently with isopropyl alcohol. Then buy a new lcd assembly, charging port, and battery. This should get the phone to turn on. Or just send it to me and ill do it lol. Email me if you want I run a repair shop. jasonk2k5@gmail.com

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