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Nintendo's upgraded version of the Nintendo 3DS. It features bigger screens, longer battery life, better pixel density, and a better design.

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How do I remove a stripped screw in a Nintendo 3DS?

I have a Nintendo 3DS XL Pokemon Y Edition. First off, the reason that there is a stripped screw is because of me trying to fix another problem.

Like many other users, my system fell victim to the "black screen of death." Meaning the Wifi card needed some tinkering with.

The steps that are found here:

How do I fix my 3DS Error Problem?

Before attempting that, I looked around to see what size screwdriver I should be using. Many suggested a size x000 screwdriver. Which I tried, but I found that one found in an eyeglass repair kit worked wonders.

Now to my problem. One of the screw that is located under one of the rubber stoppers was screwed in way too tight. The screwdriver I had would catch in the grooves of the screw, but the screw itself would not turn.

I have tried methods that involve using a rubber band and balloons. and using a flat head screwdriver in that narrow crevice proved to be difficult.

At this point, I realize I'll need a new screw, but right now, my concern is getting this one screw out.

Any tips or suggestions?

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I'm not fully familiar with a dremel. Would the tool be narrow enough to fit into the sunken groove that the screw is in without damaging the casing?


A small drill bit or cutting disk, not the full tool. A dremel is essentially a finger sized drill. Depending on the model you can hold the chuck or tool with your fingers allowing you to get in close in small places and see what you're doing. If you go the dremel route (or any drilling) cover the rest of the board/machine with plastic wrap so as to keep shavings from shorting out the board.


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the only way that i found that works is to use a drill and bit to drill the head off the screw and then you have to take a pair of small pliers like needle nose or needle nose vise-grips to very carefully remove the rest of the screw and you might have to cut away a little of the plastic tower that it is in so that you can grip the remains of the screw and turn it out because i had to on my first gen 3Ds and my DSlite and i found the best place to get replacement screws is from other broken electronics that cannot be fixed like old cameras that have been dropped and wont take a good picture anymore. you just have to match up the screws so that are very similar diameters for the threads and the heads and make sure the thread pitch/coarseness/space between the threads is very close so that you don’t strip out the plastic and it you have to cutaway some of the plastic you may have to make shims/spacers and glue them in place depending on how much you cutaway and where it is at to keep the integrity so you don’t stress fracture any part of the system or crack the housings or boards

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