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The iMac G5, powered by the PowerPC G5 processor, was originally released in 2004.

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Hard drive repleacment on iMac G5 20 inch

After copying internal drive of my iMac G5 20 into a bigger hard drive that was put in hard drive enclosure with SuperDuper, I was not able to boot from external hard drive after restarting computer.Any suggestions what was wrong?

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sorry that my question sounds stupid

did you try to boot the iMac from the usb/firewire external drive while it was in the drive enclosure or did you actually put it in the iMac ??

booting the g5 from an usb drive is not regular supported, there are open firmware hacks that might do that on your mac - but normally it's not possible.

i never used super duper, so a can't tell you anything about that, i only used CCC (carbon copy cloner) and that worked on many G5 iMac's

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I use SuperDuper regularly, even bought the upgrade, it works great. Your machine will not boot from an external USB drive. It needs a firewire. If it is in a firewire enclosure, start up holding the Option key down to show available start up disks.

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Thank you gays. Both answers are okay but maybe a will chose the secend one of mr. mayer as I was actually trying to boot from usb hard drive. Again, thank you all.


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I tried booting the external firewire hard drive after my internal hard drive died, with out success. I tried holding the "T" key, option key, space bar, and any thing else I could think of. A symbol, circle with 3 legs at 120 degree separation, would appear on the screen and float around. Did the same on my working Mac when "T" pressed. Had to go to system preferences and select the external drive as the boot drive to boot from it. This was not possible on my failed Mac .

Is there a way to boot from the external drive when the internal drive is kaput?

P.S. Failed Mac would not recognize optical drive either.

Don McColgan

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You should ask this as its own question.


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