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Why HDMI is not working on my Samsung smart tv?

When I try to connect devices to my UA55F7500BR Samsung smart tv, it doesn't work. Cables are good.

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Check that the cables are connected to the output ports of the source and also connected to the input source of the TV. If that is connected properly, next make sure the 'input' of the TV is selected to your output source (bluray, component, AV, etc.). If you're still not getting a signal, see if a factory reset will fix it. Worse case scenario, you might have a defective main board and need to replace it.

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Thank you for your reply. I tried all, still didn't work. There is no way to do a factory reset, it doesn't exist in the menu. You're right, it seems the board needs to be replaced. Thanks again


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text not loading on my tv

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it will not light up

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