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Released June 2009 / 2.66, 2.8, or 3.06 GHz Core 2 Duo Processor

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Can I replace my glossy screen MBP bluetooth card?

My bluetooth card has apparently failed. Control panel in system prefs does not show for bluetooth and the system report states no info on bluetooth. I'm assuming some sort of failure.

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It uses the following BT: Built-in Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR


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Sudden failure is rare. Was this machine involved in a spill or a drop?

Yes the card can be replaced it is under the clutch cover. It is a very difficult difficult repair project.

If you decide to DIY study the guide and notes before beginning (not just look them over) . Purchase all the recommended tools (every job is easier when you use the correct tools).

You may want to consider a USB bluetooth card as a work around.

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no drop or spill. It was working fine last night and this am. I slept the computer closed the lid. went to work and voila, no bluetooth function. Title bar icon ses "Blue tooth not available" and bluetooth icon is missing from preferences window.  "about this mac" states under bluetooth: " no information available." Of course, it is an old machine. I've replaced the drive and the battery x2.

Apple replaced the screen for me (on my dime) when it separated from the lid. Dunno if that was a glue failure or not. I suspect something in my computer bag lodged between the two when i slid it into the bag. A freak accident sort of thing.

This ol laptop has been rode hard and put up wet so to speak, but it still works and is reliable. I just like using my mighty mouse. I can use a logitec mouse with usb plug for now. The repair does look complicated. Thanks for your insight.


Actually I haven't been able to find the part online. may be a moot point.


Go with a USB dongle, just pick one that has Mac OS drivers.


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Good news. I found a thread in Apple discussions about using an Xcode program to zero out and reset the Bluetooth board. Figured it was worth a shot. Fired up Xcode and downloaded the Utility: hardwareiotools_for_xcode_6.1 . From that I found "Bluetooth Explorer APP" and ran that selecting the first 4 options as instructed. Voila! bluetooth now visible and working after reboot. Thanks for your help.

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