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Touch doesn't work after backcover repair

I have a iPhone 5, color white. I tried to repair/change the backcover from white to red. It did worked but the display doesn't work.

Now my question:

is the display broken?

is anything on logic board broken?

I couldn't test if wireless works and headspeaker, but volume buttons/standby button, homebutton, loudspeaker and signal are working..

The display is also showing up the 1:1 quality, just it can't be "touched". The animations like "Slide to unlock" are there, just its not

I have uploaded two pictures:




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I want to add, is it possible that the logic board could be damaged? Or the Primary Touch Controller IC?


I want to add im not able to copy pictures (on PC are no shown). And i dont get a message on the not working touchscreen like "Trust this computer"..


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Hi nasir,

My first guess would be that you damaged the touch-screen cable. Try on a new known good screen assembly and see if it works. Be gentle with the cables, don't pull on them when installing the screen assembly.

But you can try first to disconnect, clean (using a cotton swab dipped in 90%+ isopropyl alcohol) then reseat the screen cables.

If the above 2 suggestions do not solve it, then you may have damaged something during the repair, such as:

- ESD damage;

- Prying damage, may be visible or not. For the visible part, look specially (but not only) at and around the display connectors on the board. Is something missing, broken, part-removed? Let us know.

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It's hard to say if it's the logicboard without seeing it all you can do it troubleshoot .

First if your sure you have connections seeded 100% and still no touch then you must try a new screen

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I did check it with another display. Same problem.

What should i do next? I didnt have a backup.

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Did you carefully examine the connectors on the board where the screen attaches, especially the top connector, parallel to the upper edge? Nothing is broken there? You must carefully remove the black film to see underneath it.


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Yes i did, still having the Same problem..

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