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do you have to remove the antenna to change the HDD in the 2010 Unib?

do you have to remove the antenna to change the HDD (to replace it with a SDD Drive f.e.) in the 2010 Unibody?

and since its a 3 G/s SATA interface which ones are the best?



ps.. the colored dots are missing in the pix of step 9...?

ps.2 you dont mention the removal of the HDD

in step 10 (in the pix of step 11 it´s gone.. ) ?

btw: thx for your ifixit guides..

baked and saved an santa rosa 2.4 mbp from 2007

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Can you clarify what kind of MacBook Pro you are repairing? You mention a 2007 MBP Santa Rosa, but the question is attached to a mid 2010 unibody.


done. see above.


Still not sure what guide you are talking about.

This one? MacBook Pro 15" Unibody Mid 2010 Hard Drive Replacement

I do have some more comments to you when you respond.


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I meant this one

MacBook Pro 15" Unibody Mid 2010 Teardown

but the other you mentioned answers my Q. completely.

thanks a bunch

stefan j.

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For next time: That is and tear down, for repair guides follow this link:



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Your very welcome.

However, before you decide on an SSD make sure to read up on these issues:

  • Problems regarding the SSD TRIM function and the OS X file systems.
  • What memory controller you do and don't want in your SSD

If you don't you might be very disappointed in you SSD after a month or two...

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