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The 7 inch third generation of Nook color tablets by Barnes & Noble, not to be confused with the 9 inch Nook HD+.

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How to replace the charging port on the Nook HD?

Someone tried to plug a wrong cable to the charging port of the Nook HD and bent a bunch of pins. Is it possible to have the charging port replaced?

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Yes, I found a used nook @ yard sale. B4 tearing down the yard sale nook, I √ to make sure it was going to charge 1st. Then I removed the port from that one & replaced my bad port. Take ur time & be very very careful. I found an online video to break down my nook. Power99 had a good video on youtube. Its been so long ago I don't remember if I used a small piece of electrical tape or a dot of electronics glue to hold it in place as I had no way to sauder it back. Works fine now.


**Tweezers w/curved tips to grip the port 4 removal & replacement.

**T5 or T6 magnetic screwdriver

**Flat plastic pry tool w/ a smooth rounded tip NOT a fingernail file!!

**Tape or magnet to hold the 22 screws from the frame of ur nook.

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A friend of mine has this problem and it's pretty critical. He's repaired laptops in the past. Did you ever think of bringing out out of the case the four cables needed - DC Plus and Minus and the two data wires - and connecting it to a USB female port, glued to the back of the Nook? That would bypass the dodgy port. And it's unlikely anyone will ever use the weird accessories that needed that weird port.


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