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1.4GHz (or 2.1GHz) Processor, 2GB (or 4GB) RAM, 128 GB memory, 13.4" display

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Adamo won't power up. battery charge still illuminates though.

2 month old Adamo 13, won't power up. LED lights up signifying laptop is plugged in, but power light fails to illuminate when pressed. Adamo just won't power on. Any help?

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Plug in something (preferably a external HDD or an external DVD drive), press the power button. If it reacts, it means the GPU or the display could be shot. Also you should try to use the Displayport to DVI or whatever converter it came with to connect it to an external display and see if that works. If it doesn't then there really isn't much to help you with, and either way you'll need to send it in to dell to replace whatever is broken. I'm going to guess its the motherboard though. One way you can get the data out is to get a usata to USB (which I can't find.. so I'm going to say its safe to assume it doesn't exist) and take out the SSD and pull the data out. Otherwise you can't get the data out, i'm afraid. The lesson from this story is to remember to BACK UP!!!! Backing up is extremely important for unfortunate events such as this.

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Thanks Gabe, I tried some of your suggestions. External HDD reacts but DVI connect to another monitor failed to yield positive results. I'll try to remove the SSD. You have a point. I think its the motherboard too. I don't think Dell's configuration for the Adamo was very stable to begin with. Upon receiving this laptop the motherboard had to be replaced once already. Now they are sending me an XPS Adamo to make nice. Only, I'm finding it hard to see how that model is any better. Same guts basically. Maybe same motherboard.


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