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A digital camera with a 3 inch touchscreen LCD able to take still image manufactured by Canon in 2012.

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My camera is displaying an E18 error. What can I do?

When turning on my camera it displays an E18 error on the LCD screen. I cannot take pictures because of it.

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This may show on your screen due to a couple reasons. First, if the batteries are too low, then the device does not have enough power to operate efficiently. Try removing the old batteries and replacing them with new ones.

Second, if the lens gets sand or dirt on it, it does not function correctly. Fix this issue by using compressed air to remove any dirt or sand that might have caused the issue. If the compressed air does not work, you can try using a small paper to clean it.

Finally, if the lens is extended and someone drops the camera, go to the camera’s menu and look for “factory reset” option. The factory reset option can fix the lens.

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