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The Samsung Galaxy Alpha smartphone was released in September of 2014 and is also known as the Samsung Galaxy Alfa. It runs on the Android operating system and is carried by most major cellular providers.

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Why won't my phone turn on!

Why won't my phone charge even when I plug it in?

I took my phone into the bathroom with me and now it won't work.

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Can i just tell you my friend that i have just experienced the same problem. My Galaxy has given up after just three months from new. Not even been offered a rereplacement but a repair. Obviously there are problems with this product


Mine aswel wont charge .. after using it for 9 months .. i charged it 2days ago. But last night I was trying to charge it before I go to bed but it wont charge till this moment., am so so confuse right now.. any help pls.


change the ic power (MAX77804K )


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Your phone probably has water damage. Sometimes the steam and condensation from a hot shower can get into your phone. If you open up the back panel of your phone and pull out the battery you will see a small square on the inside of the phone, if this square is white then your phone does not have water damage, however if the square is pink then there is water damage to your device. Another one of these strips is located on the bottom of the battery. Even if the strip on the phone is white, then there could still be water damage to your battery, if the strip on the bottom of the battery is pink, then there is damage. This may be the source of your charging problem.

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Nope that isn't it nice try though.


my 4ne just wudnt charge so bought a new cable but still doesn't charge cant understand why? please help as my 4ne is turned off


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