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Released in June 2013, the Galaxy Mega is a 6.3" smartphone featuring a 720P display, dual-core processor, and an 8 MP camera.

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Speaker not working as it should be.

I had my screen replaced a few months ago and have had some intermittent issues that I can deal with. About 3 weeks ago the speaker has become very weak, I can barely hear it even when I switch to speaker phone and turn the volume all the way up. When I plug into the aux port everything is fine but I cannot use speaker phone without having to hold it to my ear. Any one know what would cause this?

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I'm having similar problems where if I switch to speakerphone on a call it won't produce sound, and another issue where sometimes the phone won't produce sound at all when I answer a call both on speaker OR headset OR ear-speaker so I have to soft reset to get it to work. This seems like a software issue as when things DO work properly there's no problem.

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