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My bluetooth is not working


my bluetooth is not showing up in the new MacBook Pro unibody mid 2010,i need to know the part number of the airport express/bluetooth module

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What about warranty ??? - it's a new model - so i would let apple fix it.

but to answer your question, the module is shown in the teardown - step 8

Block Image

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the issue is that i am not right anywhere close to the country where apple warranty is applicable,

The surprising thing is that my airport is working fine,but the bluetooth seems to be broken,i ran the apple AHT test and it showed me no problem,

does that mean the hardware is ok,how do i test wether it is a hardware issue,


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Apple has some of the best warranty service in the world. Go to this contact page and select the closest country: http://www.apple.com/support/contact/pho...

Contact them by email or phone if your know the language. You'll most likely have a shipment box in your hands the next day by FedEx. I usually get one day turn around time. Unless you're at the South Pole, you should have no problem. Apple will pay for all the high end shipping charges. We've had no problems with shipments to Iraq.

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