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The Polaroid S7 is a low-end slate-form Android tablet released by Polaroid in August 2013. Identified by model number S7BK.

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Why Doesn't my tablet turn on?

My tablet will randomly power down, and not turn back on.

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Mine is fully charged but the button on the side won't allow me to push it in. Is there a way to get it fixed or are they all like this?


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The battery might have died. Plug in the charger and try to turn it on again.

If it still does not turn on, refer to our battery replacement guide to install your new battery.

If it still does not turn on, you will need to buy a device.

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I am having a problem turning it on. I have one of those that you have to push a very small button in and it seems to be stuck or broken or something but I cannot turn it on I know it is fully charged does anyone else have this problem?

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