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Upgrades and end results?

Im thinking of upgrading my hard drive to the 320gig that is sold on ifixit, will the 160gig, also on ifixit run faster than the bigger one, and is it just a plug and play installation or do I need to buy brackets too? Also my DVD drive makes a clicking noise when i startup and insert a cd, is this fixable, the drive still works, but for how long? If it stops working can I take the drive out and maybe put extra usb ports in its location? I have 1.5 gig ram is this the most I can have? What rca cable do I need to use with the Mini VGA S-Video Adapter to get video and sound from an old tv with rca sockets?

One other thing, can I buy my upgrades on amazon? I am from south africa and usally order from that site.



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Lots of questions here. I've never noticed a difference in a 160 & 320 access time. If the hard drive has been defragmented on the volume optimized it really doesn't matter. Think of it as a book shelf, if the catalog knows where the system information is and it's all in order, there's no problem finding it no matter how large the library or hard drive. No brackets needed that aren't already there. Replace the DVD when it fails or get an external. Don't fool with extra USB ports. If needed get a USB hub. You have the maximum RAM for your machine. I'll let someone else help with the RCA cabling. What upgrades are you looking for? Will Amazon give you the help you're getting here? Go here for parts: http://www.ifixit.com/Parts-Store

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I have got to learn to type faster. + for your answer. Ralph


Thanks! About the harddrive, would you go for the seagate or western digital? Do you know of anyone who has fixed the dvd drive problem I have, it works perfectly though. I have family in Las vegas, so I will ask them to bring it with when they come visit. I would love to support this site! Upgrades - Harddrive, tv adapter cable and I lost one of the rubber feet. Thanks again!


Personally I use Western Digital. Optical drives just wear out and I know of no way to fix them. Take a look at this answer for my feeling on replacing the optical drive: should I change my 5400rpm hd to the new SSDs?

Here's where to order rubber feet: http://www.weloveMacs.com/9225360.html

Anyone is welcome to contribute to the site. Just click on someones icon to get to their bio.


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Answering in order

1. No they are both 5400 rpm drives and you would transfer the bracket from your old drive.

2. I can't predict how long your DVD drive will last and know of no means to install USB ports in its place. You can however replace it with a SSD drive.

3. According to Mactracker 1.5 gig is the maximum ram for your unit.

4. I have no answer for you on the connection to the TV.

5. If Amazon has the parts you could buy them there but ifixit does ship Internationally I believe. Hope these answers help. Ralph

iBook G4 14" 1.42 GHz Hard Drive Replacement

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Looks like we've answered the same again. +


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To connect your iBook G4 to an analog TV set you will need three cables:

1- Apple video Adapter:


2- RCA male to RCA male cable (to connect the apple video adapter to your tv set).

3- stereo audio cable:


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+ bravo


+ Ralph


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