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The LG G Watch is an Android Wear-based smartwatch announced and released by LG and Google on June 25, 2014.

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Where can you find the replacement screen for a Lg G watch?

I cant find the glass for this anywhere! I was wondering if anyone knew where you could find it.

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You can buy them on eBay now, as of 11-6-2017 for 9.99. Looks like there is only one seller, but I just replaced my screen.

Pros: Kit came with a size 0 phillips and a pry tool.

Cons: Also came with a size 0 torx, but you need a size 5 for the screws on the back. It did not come with the gasket/seal that the OEM screen came with so the screen isn't IP67 anymore. But my useless screen can be replaced, so I have that going for me, which is nice.


Anthony, could you shate the link or the seller name, please?


https://www.ebay.com/itm/LCD-Display-Scr...? Is where I bought mine, and if there is another seller I could not find one after a cursory search.

You will likely also want to purchase some 2mm 3m (or other super high quality phone double sided adhesive tape) to make sure the screen adheres to the watch frame.

I would also suggest a set of higher quality tools. The ones sent with the digitizer worked (minus the torx bit), but I used a micro bit set after I half took it apart and it was much easier.


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While not obvious if you go to this web site LG Parts & Accessories. Go to the bottom the page to the map and click it you will discover the three US part houses LG uses:

  • West Coast - Andrews Electronics
  • Central - MCM Electronics
  • East Coast - Encompass Parts Distribution

Each has listed there URL, telephone & address

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Hi, any luck with the screen?, im from south america and need a new screen too.


Well, did you manage to buy a new screen? I have also a broken screen and my problem is that the specific watch hasn't been released in Greece, where I live and the "LG Greece" doesn't support it!


I just got off the phone with Encompass and they do not carry the part. I then called LG and they told me there parts warehouse does not have it either. The guy on the phone said my only option was to mail it to them for repair. They receive it and send you and estimate of cost and then if you approve the cost it takes 7 to 9 days for the repair. He could not give me an estimate of the cost to replace the class and said I must send it in.


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