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not turning on!

I need some help with my 1st gen 16 GB iPod touch! Last night, I synced my ipod with my itunes (transferring files-a few photos, videos, etc), and it was taking awhile. It was kinda late, so I went to bed and let it finish overnight. Then when I woke up the next morning to check on it, my iPod wouldn't turn on when I pressed the home button. I tried charging it on my home charger, and it's not even responding to that! I had this Touch for 2 years now, and this is the first time this happened. It might be the battery, but I need to be certain. Can anyone help? Please and thanks!

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Just to check, what happens when you reconnect to iTunes? Does it do anything at all?

Check out the troubleshooting guide for further steps.

I hope this helps!

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acctully that did help! and that my battery was really dead! XD! thx


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have you checked the battery voltage? it should be above 3.7v some times you have to recharge it using a 12v or 9v DC adapter to bring it back to life, do this only for about 20-30 seconds the battery should hold charge above 3.7. be sure to do this when battery is NOT attached to the mainboard. if the battery holds its voltage and the ipod is still not turning on, and pc does not show a thing when you plug it in, double check your assembly, lcd, battery welding, front pannel.

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How do i check if my iPod touch battery is dead if it dosn't turn on?

Just making sure so i don't buy another battery for nothing.

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