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MacBook Air not charging, not turning on


the Macbook Air 11" Mid 2011 is not charging the battery. The light of the Magsafe connector is always green. The computer will not start up with the Magsafe Poweradapter connected.

What I have tried so far:

  • used other power supply
  • replaced battery
  • reset SMC
  • reset PRAM
  • upgraded to Yosemite

After the battery change the computer will start up. But the computer will not charge the battery and the battery will run down even when the charger is connected.

Do you have suggestions on what I could change/check? (IO Board? Logic Board?)


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Hi Christian,

I'd definitely check the I/O board first. It looks like the power from the charger isn't reaching the MacBook. Check the I/O board cable.

If that doesn't help, I'd also check the battery. It's pretty unlikely though, because the MacBook should run off external power if a charger is connected, no matter if a battery is available or not. But you never know.

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Thanks! I will check the cable and the IO Board.

Btw, with a multimeter do I have any luck in diagnosing the problem? I would probably just switch it but it is not so easy to find one in Germany.



Same problem here, did you get to fix it?


Same problem here. Did you get to fix it?


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Hey Christian,

Am facing the same problem! Did you get to fix your MBA?


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