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This tablet was released by Asus on July 2013. The model is also called ME173X. The tablet features a 7 in. display microSD card slot, a MicroUSB slot, and a headphone jack.

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Why is my Asus tablet screen not working after it got cracked?.

why is my Asus tablet screen not working after it got cracked?

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it is likely a DELICATE LCD screen sorry can't help just replace the screen

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If you find out how to replace the screen on your asus tablet please let me know,my screen is broken and my local computer repair guy won't even try to fix it for me because he is lazy.

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I ordered a screen replacement off of eBay. It came from California, so didn't take long to get. Took back off to unplug digitizer then heated up outside edges with a heat gun. Used pry tools to get old screen off, but since it was already cracked, it broke even more while coming off. After that, I used some adhesive remover and scraped the residue off. The new screen already had precut adhesive, so just had to feed the ribbon plug through small opening in the side and then press the screen down. Plugged the digitizer back in and put the back plate back on. Works like a charm.


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