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Laptop doesn't recognize the correct password to log in

Hi ! I've been typing the password on my Asus Transformer for hours. Even though it's correct, it keeps saying it's wrong and it doesnt let me log in.


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Hello Costanza,

Have you lately (or by accident) changed country or language settings?

What kind of keyboard you use (azerty or qwerty)?

Try typing your password as if you had the other type of keyboard.

Another posibilty: do you use capitals in your password?

Pay attention to shift lock...

Or, do you use numbers in your password? See for numlock...

Did you left your laptop somewhere unattented, so someone could have changed the password??

What operating system are you using?

I know there are programs you can run on a bootable usb-stick to recover passwords.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you for answering !

I used my laptop yesterday night without changing any settings and without having any problem. This morning I turned it on and the password is not working. But nothing has changed on the setting or anything since I've bought it. And no shift lock is able. Do you think it might be a virus at this point ?



What operating system are you using?

Can you still get into Bios?

If you can, try to find a password recovery program and install it on a bootable usb-stick.

Set usb as first boot.

Good luck.


And I'm not able to check on the numlock since I can't log in the computer.


If you have a numlock at all shouldn't there be a light or physical indicator of the numlock being on or off?...


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