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Repair guides for smartphones manufactured by LG that use the Android operating system (OS).

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Why is wifi not turning on and battery drain fast

I bought LG Optimus Fuel(L34C) Straight Talk android 4.4 and my problem is wifi won't turning on i alway do restart dan turn off the phone, also battery drain faster. this is my 2nd question.thank u by.linah

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I can help with the battery question.

I have that phone, as well as a few friends, and the battery is notorious for being a energy sucker. This model of the LG phone just is packaged like that. Android program itself has a lot of background apps that can be on, without you realizing, which is why it is important to always check the Task Manager. If any are running, you can turn them off and modify some of the usage in your settings.

Regarding the wi fi...

What does it do when you try to turn on the wi fi? How do you attempt to turn it on? Do you go through settings or do you use the drop menu from the home screen? Does it stay lit up or just randomly turns off? Has it never come on?

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I have the same problem with the WiFi not turning on with the same device. I try via the WiFi button through the settings function


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