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The Acer Chromebook C710-2847 is part of Acer's line of low-price netbooks running Google's Chrome OS. The devices are simply constructed needing just one screwdriver to take them apart.

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Why won't the c710 transfer images to my tv,(via HDMI cables)?

Hello, We are trying to get internet movies fron the acer laptop to our TV. With the HDMI cables connected you get a "invalid format" message floating across the screen.

Is it a resolution problem? When I set a specific resolution on the laptop,----and then plug in the HDM cables, a different resolution locks its self in. Stated another way, you cannot change resolution while the Acer is mirrowing to my Zenith TV. Am I chasing down the wrong trail on resolution ?

I try to use "BEST" res. setting but it keeps flipping to something else. No help from the fn and f5 tabs.

We have worked on this for several days with several combinations of effort and key strokes.

I feel it is just a couple of steps away to get thestreaming movies. Can you help us


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It is likely because your TV does not have as high resolution as the Chromebook. Check your TV resolution (is it a 720p?)

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