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Repair guides and troubleshooting for the Acer Aspire 5750. This is a 2012 Aspire budget laptop aimed at the casual household user or for small business use.

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Why won't my laptop boot any more?

I have pressed the power button the blue light turns on and the left blue light comes on and the fan spins up but then after 3-10 seconds it doesn't boot and powers off. I have had it apart and I can't see anything wrong.

Any help would be more appreciated!

I will try anything.

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Hi apaddison,

This could be any number of things.

Try a different (but definitely make sure it's compatible) power cord.

Remove the battery and see if it boots without it (plugged into AC of course).

Does the laptop boot through BIOS and then stop? If it does then your Windows installation could be at fault and need to be repaired or reinstalled.

Are there any beeps? Beeps are the motherboard telling you what's failing depending on the beep sequence.

Could be bad RAM, try removing one module and trying to boot. Test them one by one, trying each module in each slot. Make sure there is no power to your laptop while you switch modules.

It could also simply be part failure. With the microscopic size of components on the motherboard it can be next to impossible to look at something and see that it has failed.

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Thank you for replying so quickly!

I have checked the battery AC idea and the bios battery has been replaced. I have tried the ram in all 3 combinations.

I can't think of anything else it could be. There are no bios beeps and it doesn't get past a black screen.

I have had it apart and like I said I can't see anything wrong however I understand that I can't see the things that could be wrong but there is no viewable signs of failure. No black markers or burnouts on any component I can see.

My assumption is that because it spins the fan up and then turns off that there could be a way to fix it?

The scenario that caused the failure was a mains powered USB hub being plugged into the right side USB port and that caused it to power off. Then I tried to power on and nothing...

It is bugging me as I am usually pretty good at fixing these things and find it to be very annoying when I am stumped however persistence is the way to fixing it!

Sorry for rambling hope you can help further!




The USB port that the usb hub was plugged into may have something in it, or damaged. The USB hub plug may have something in it as well.


This wouldnt stop it from booting though... would it? I have disconnected the usb port from the motherboard and run a boot but nothing happens still... any other ideas would be great!


Hello mate,

I'm not sure 100% but maybe some resistance failed caused by the hub. When a resistance fail it doesn't appear to be blown. A good idea will be download schematics and test the components with a multimeter. Also there is a mosfet for the boot, maybe it has been damaged as well, search in google for "boot mosfet laptop" and look for similar symptomps, if not leave it.

But I repeat, I'm not sure 100% hope it helps


Thanks Guys!


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My Compaq mini will noy start up at all.

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it comes on but no start up.


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