G3 wont power on after replacing dead pram battery & reset pram

I pulled my old imac G3 out of the basement where it had been sitting for about a decade. Tried to power it on- no joy. Did some reasearch, and decided to check the pram battery. Stone Dead, only .017 Volts.

Got a new battery- tested it- 3.6 Volts. Put in, tried to power on the computer, no joy.

Did some more research, reset the pram. Unfortunately, found bad information that was instructing me that the pram button was one of the white buttons straddling the graphics chip. Thought I reset pram, no joy, tried to start using command option pr. no joy.

Did more research, and then checked trickle power at J9 pin 1 on logic board. I have 4.9 V ( is that good enough? or is it 5v or nothing?)

I also have -1.2V DCO

I also at this point realize my pram reset button is at s1- push it, try to power on the computer- no joy.

does my 4.9 V reading indicate I need a new power supply? If not, what is the next thing to check?

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