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The Asus Padfone 2 was announced on October 16 2012 and is the successor to the Asus Padfone.

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My PadFone 2 A68 seems to be dead!

My PadFone 2 seems to be dead!

After 6 month of inactivity I was able to replace the touch screen of my padfone and it was working great!

then I was travelling by car and I had the padfone connected to the car plug. I stopped for fueling switching off the car with the phone plugged in, I started again and the phone that was running stopped completely...

After that I'm not able anymore to switch it on!

I bought a new battery, but no way...

anybody can suggest any solution?

do you know where I can buy a new motherboard? I suppose that something is broken in it... but I dont know what...

Thanks in advance!

Paolo B.

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In my case, after 10 month of inactivity due to the touch screen broken i decide to buy a padfone station. Then I was able for use my padfone like a tablet only for once time. After that, I connected my device (telephone padfone 2 + padfone station) to charge together. This means, i put my phone to load coupled to Padfone Station and plugged into the power outlet. After that, i note that the telephone was very hot. Then I disconnected the telephone of the Padfone station. The telephone kept very hot. I tried to charge the devices separeted and after that i connected the telephone padfone 2 to the padfone station for the use like a tablet, but no way. Two days ago i changed the screen assembly of the telephone padfone 2, but no way. I bought a new battery, but no way... Help me please

Sorry for my English!


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1 ответ

Hi, guys!

I have had the same issue with my A68.

Here what I did:

1. open the phone's back cover

2. remove the battery, i.e. unplug it for 10 seconds

3. connect the battery back and assemble the cover

4. try to hard reset the phone (check out this video http://tinyurl.com/hard-reset-A68)

5. when the menu arise select 2. Exit update mode

I hope this will help you as it helped me ;)

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