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How to teardown the shutter button

My shutter button does not work well anymore: it takes a picture when fully pressed, but it does not make focus when half-pressed anymore.

I know it is not a configuration issue, everything is double checked on this side, so it's a hardware issue.

I'm trying to tear it down, but once I removed the back side of the camera, I don't manage to reach the shutter button to see what's wrong...

Here is what i did already: E-pl5 teardown

I'm stuck after that... Does anyone already did it and know how to do it step by step ?

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i looked at your blog link Yann, it is the best reference i've seen yet for a EPL5 disassembly, but i have to go further yet , as my curtain has become stuck in the closed position,


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Thanks for this!

I have trouble with the rotary selector at the back of my E-PL5 but I have been too afraid to peek into any photographic camera since my teens in mid-eighties when I sneezed and lost two miniature parts of my mother's '50s Agfa camera (though I doubt I could ever reassemble that camera with all that super miniature gears, springs, levers and stuff even if had not sneezed away those tiny parts :-)

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As info for any E-PL5 troubled owner arriving here, after looking at the above link with the guide, I decided to send my camera to the greek service provider for shutter button repair under warranty instead of repairing it myself. It came back about a month later with completely replaced top plate - no "just the button" repair by Olympus.

Six months later the rear rotary dial eventually started behaving erratically more and more so back to the service provider once more under warranty.

Same story, three weeks later I had the camera back with the rear panel completely replaced, no "just the dial" repair by Olympus.

Looking around for spare parts it looks like the parts are provided as modules and not single components for specific malfunctioning part repairs.

No ifixit mentality at Olympus :-(.

So either find the module you need or send it to Olympus if something is broken - low chance for specific DIY part repair.


Hi there,

After this question, I finally managed to fix my EPL5: you can find replacement for the top buttons all at once, and that did it for me.

A few mouth later, I also got the rear rotary dial not working anymore...

Here also, I managed to find a part (the whole plate, not just the dial) for a reasonable price and managed to change it myself as well.

The conclusion I drew for the epl5 is that it was a bad camera that was not meant to last long.

After all this, I bought an used OMD EM5 and never got any problem anymore since, even on clearly strongest conditions.


Thanks for the update - mine works ok after getting the warranty repairs done twice. Looking around in forums it seems older Olympus designs often show up such problems that necessitate repair work.


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