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The 2013 revamp of the desktop Mac series known as the Mac Pro.

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Fan ZIF Connector Pinout

Looking around I can't seem to find out what the pinout for the zif socket for the top exhaust fan is. It appears that the socket has multiple contacts and I'm not sure what each of them do. I'm looking for the ground and the 12v line. Is there a way that I can test each pin to see their function?

Thanks, Jordan

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Block Image

Block Image

I still haven't found a viable pinout for this fan but I did some snooping around the PCB with a multimeter and found what these pins do! Using the high res images from ifixit I made a diagram based on what pin connects to what on the PCB. Fan registers in BIOS and in the OS and throttles up and down with PWM..

In my photos there are 4 contacts to the left of the mezzanine connector that I assumed were for wires.

Pin 1 - 12v

Pin 2 - Tach/Sense

Pin 3 - PWM

Pin 4 - Ground

This pinout will give you a working fan with PWM and Sense functions

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