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Track Pad and Cursor Issues

Hi, First Time User

I have a A1095 Powerbook G4 on which I've lost the ability to use the Press Bar at the bottom of the touch pad. Cannot highlght anything anymore, can't drag the scroll bar, etc. PLUS, now when typing text in documents, the cursor starts getting the St. Vita Dance and jumps around all over the place causing me to type characters in places I don't want them, requiring searching out where the cursor is, deleting some typed characters and then placing the cursor back at the end of my written text to begin again. Can anyone tell me what parts I need and what models of the 15" G4 generations might have interchangeable parts for my A1095 (with backlit KB - I understand that's important). Thanks for your responses.

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This may be a controversial approach, but I've noticed when I'm cleaning machines that if I get Windex in the cracks around the button/trackpad, the cursor can go haywire, etc. Similarly, When the cursor is going haywire, I've found that if I spray a small amount of Windex into the cracks, wipe it off, and wait for it to try, sometimes that helps. I assume it's cleaning the contact when this is done. If you try this, make sure to only do it when the machine is off, and don't power it on again until the next morning to avoid the possibility of water damage.

I looked up the part and I didn't see it on iFixit...if it is out there and I just didn't see it, I'm sure someone will make note of that. I did a search for "A1095 topcase" on eBay and it did come up with a match.


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You basically just need to search for this particular part number: 922-6013 (I think)

[связанный продукт отсутствует или отключен: IF154-048-1]

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