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Sony’s 18.2 megapixel camera meant for general photo taking, 3D images, and filming. Model number: DSC-WX100.

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What might be causing the screen to be dim?

The screen, even after the camera has indicated to be fully charged, is dimly lit. This is despite have the screen brightness at the highest setting. An image is still visible, but glare is an issue in both natural and artificial light.

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The first thing you should try in this case is to check the LCD screen brightness settings on the camera. If the brightness setting is too low then the LCD screen will appear dim. Go into your camera settings to change the backlight brightness. Another case is that the backlight bulb is dead, thus you'll need to go disassemble the camera to first get to the bulb, and then replace it. Other details for this issue can be found on our troubleshooting page.

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