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The April 2014 update of Apple's 13" MacBook Air features refreshed dual-core i5 and i7 processors, plus slightly increased battery performance.

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Which retail market SSDs are compatible with MacBook Air 6,2?

Macbook Air 6.2 SSD replacement

I have been looking to replace 128GB SSD in my Macbook Air 6,2 (bought June 2014). All references online are up to model 5,2 or up to "early 2014". Which SSD PCIe are compatible please?

Also, apple live chat said my model SSD is 'solded' and not replaceable, is it true?

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i have a mac air 6.2 2013and i just got a 1000gb ssd card for it The SSD must be 16+12pin contact. Support MacBook Air Pro Retina 2013/2014/2015/2016 air, pro.


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Let's correct some misinformation first. Your SSD is replaceable as you can see here in this IFIXIT guide: MacBook Air 13" Early 2014 Solid-State Drive Replacement.

While it is replaceable, presently there are no third parties offering a replacement part. Apple is the only source via repair part which is quite expensive! Besides Apple doesn't offer as large an option as the third parties do.

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I called Apple, they said that they will replace it only with another 128Gb if the current SSD is broken. To change it to 256Gb is not under warranty and they will not do it either with warranty or without for payment.

How to get the repair part from Apple? Any ideas please? IFixit used to sell it, but not anymore. What happened?

Any news if a third party bringing those to the market soon?

Thank you for your time.


IFIXIT had a few available (real Apple SSD's) but they sold them out. Remember these are not easy to get right now as Apple and other system makers are grabbing all of the available inventory. For now you'll need to wait to upgrade. I would give these folks a call to see if they can give you some idea when they expect to offer something: OWC & Transcend.


Thank you, will IFIXIT have them back in stock in the near future? If yes, is there a waiting list you can add me to?


You're in the Blog area not the store - We're just volunteers helping people like your self. IFIXIT sponsors the Blog area. You'll want to contact them here Help Center to ask them directly.



Is there any chance to upgrade 128 GB SSD in my Macbook Air 13 early 2014) to 512 GB now?


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Had the same problem. Downgrade to the MacBook Air 5,2, go to OWC, buy the upgrade to 1TB, your life will be easier than waiting around for an upgrade and moving with externals. Copy and paste link below in your browser.


You can buy a good used MBAir from the same site.

If you're wondering about the downgrade in performance, it's negligible and the extra HDD and RAM available is so much better.



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How do you "Downgrade to the MacBook Air 5,2"? Do you mean go buy a different laptop?


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Hi, Is there any chance to upgrade 128 GB SSD in my Macbook Air 13 early 2014) to 512 GB now?

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Sorry to say no third party offers a replacement unit yet for this series. Apple uses a custom SSD blade and this was the first model which used PCIe. The only option is to use this: Transcend JetDrive Lite storage expansion cards These fit into the SD slot.


Good news! OWC has released a replacement SSD for your system! Here's the info: SSD Upgrades for MacBook Air 11" & 13" Mid 2013 — Current


I have a macbook air 13 "at the beginning of 2014 (macbook air 6.2) I was not able to install osx since the ssd was not recognized :-(


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