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Released on February 25th, 2013. 10.1" Tablet with Android Operating System, ARM Cortex A-7 Quad Core Processor.

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charger port is faulty

Hi could you replace the inbuilt charger port as it is intermittent and if so how much please.



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why don't they tell people that there is a problem that can happen to them before they buy it


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i've seen the motherboard that the usb (broken off or breaking off inside) attaches to on sale on ebay for 80-100 bucks.

the little usb connector can be bought for 99cents and up, but the soldering job is mighty fine...delicate.

but, the service to repair the ideatab s6000 usb/charging port is also for sale on ebay ...roughly 35 bucks...mail in your device and they fix it.

good luck


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two year old tablets , this should not hsppen


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once they have your money the company doesn't give a hoot about the person who bought it and they no doubt know that there will be problems with the usb ports but will never tell you. Will never buy another Lenovo and tell people not to buy one. Theyre no good

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Just replaced the usb port on the Levovo. Requires removal of the back, desoldering the right speaker, and removing the motherboard. Be really careful of the flexfilm connector for the display, it is easily torn when removing it (ask me how I know>>). If you have a reworking station with hot air the repair is a breeze after this. I bought one just for this repair and will use it a lot.

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