I Think Hard Bricked Unable To Get Any Response

hey dear fixit user

i mayank wants help regarding my phone Samsung s duos(GT-s7562)

i uses a custom ROM on my phone from 3 or 4 months, it works fine.

one time i uses boot loader app to unlock my boot loader

when my boot loader app say "do you want to unlock boot loader " i press yeas.

after that my phone works

but when i shut down my phone it never wake up

not even charging? .unable to open ,unable to go in flash boot, recovery or download mode .

because ,i am unable to get any response from my phone?

please help me regarding that.

i will thank full for your support.

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i have same problem....in s duos plz anyone help us


same thing here. i will greatly appreciate if i can get some help on this


there is forum for this in xda .... here is it : http://forum.xda-developers.com/s7562/ge...

same problem for me !


Why would you need to unlock bootloader if you have already flashed a custom ROM?

Where is this link to the unlock bootloader thing? I want to see it.


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