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The April 2014 update of Apple's 13" MacBook Air features refreshed dual-core i5 and i7 processors, plus slightly increased battery performance.

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Power supply or battery problem after damage

Hi I have a MacBook Air A1466 (early 2014) and after water damage I have the following problem:

The computer does not start when I press the power button, but if I have not connected the charging cable and unplug the battery, then connect the charging cable again, the computer starts by itself. Then everything is fine and working well until I shut down the computer. With a restart, the problem is not there.

The Power button is not damaged. When I am at the login window, the charging cable is plugged in and I shut down the computer, I can normally start it with the power button. But only with the charger cable plugged in!!!

When I am logged into my account and then shut down the computer, it will not start when I press the power button, whether or not the charge cable is plugged in.

Then again I must unplug the battery and connect the charge cable.

I already cleaned all the parts with Alcohol.

Maybe someone has had the same problem and can help me.

Is it a motherboard problem or the small part where the charging cable is connected to is damaged?

I also tried to reset the SMC, which seems not to help.

Thank you so much for reading and excuse my English.


Nobody have an idea? I did a video for better understanding of my problem. Thanks.


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I have a similar problem with my A1466-2014 MacBook Air. No damage but when I replaced the battery every time it goes to sleep I have to sign in and re-boot. It locks up at random and needs restart. It has been to two shops but they didn't know. I suspect that it may be a power supply issue but cost wise it may just be time to replace it.

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