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Released on October 23, 2012. Core i5 or Core i7 Processor. Apple Fusion Drive.

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Correct drive kit for upper bay

I want to install an additional drive in the upper bay....closest to the top of the mini when it is operation. The factory drive is in the lower bay...next to the bottom cover. Which kit do i need to get the correct sata cable? Thanks

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If you buy the kit mentioned in Dan's reply you will wind up with two lower bay cables. Worth asking but it seems that fixit may not sell the upper bay cable (they seem to assume that the OEM drives always come in the upper bay. I bought my Mac Mini (late 2012) from Apple's refurb store so it's possible they had two drives in the box and simply pulled the bottom one when refurbishing the box. The upper cable by itself can purchased from several vendors but the cost for a real OEM quality cable is more than the dual drive kit (sans driver and bits). I wonder if I can get by with a cheap knock off without the temperature sensor (since the original cable probably has one)?


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You only need the cable, screws and rubber grommets which are supplied in this kit: Mac Mini Dual Drive Kit. That is assuming you have the handle clip and the other tools.

Mac mini Dual Drive Kit Изображение


Mac mini Dual Drive Kit


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Actually - if your factory drive is installed the bottom position you need a different cable than the one in the Dual Drive kit which assumes you have a factory drive in the top position with the other cable. The tools came in handy for replacing the OEM drive with the new SSD, but then I had no way to install the second drive (the original and new supplied cable were both for the lower position. The cable for the top drive has to bend around backwards and fit under the drive whereas the lower drive has a cable that bends over the top of the drive.

Looks like I paid for the wrong cable. Shame on me for not opening the box and confirming the configuration before buying. Too bad there is no kit for the upper drive position.


@Gary Wasserman - FYI: Dual Drive Kit Compatible if stock drive is in "Upper" position. You could also order the other cable unit as well.


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