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Battery cable connector damaged

While removing the battery cable connector from the logic board, the connector made of plastic came apart, and somehow, I lost the cover( the part that came off) so now all of the wires are loose and I taped them just to hold them into the slot where each wire is supposed to fit before installin the plastic cover.

Is there a plastic connector that I can buy to replace this connector? Or is it part of a cable that is removeable from the battery and can be replaced?

I have the battery of now and also the logic board, so I was trying to locate thetabs that would turn red if there is water damage and I cant see anything red under the logic board. Is it possible that the water did not get to the logic board?

Anyway,where would these indicators be located, and what do they look like? Thanx await your reply and an advance thank you!

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Here's what they look like and where to get a battery cable connector: http://www.shopwiki.com/_MacBook+Pro+15+...


as far as I know the LSI patches are not for sale

See my answer on the location of some of the patches:Where are all LSI Sensors placed?

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