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This Nintendo DS Lite was released in 2006 as the successor to the Nintendo DS. Getting inside this device is simple, making for easy fixes.

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Just Replaced Hinges, Now Upper Screen Shuts Off

After putting my DS lite back together (replacing hinges) I now have upper screen problems. It comes on, them immediately goes black. The lower screen works fine. I re-worked it, same problem. Should I try a third time? Please don't tell me somehow I blew my upper screen.

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The main thing that people do by mistake when fitting a new hinge is inadvertently tear the top screen ribbon. This will make the tops screen flash as if its going to come on and then go black - Your DS power light will also flash as this issue will prevent your DS from booting. Things to check - make sure the top screen ribbon is fully inserted into the connector, I know it sounds simple but its an error that lots of people make. If this doesnt work and you cant see a tear in the ribbon either, I'm afraid its a new top screen. Although obviously it'd be a new top screen if the cable has a tear in it.


Justin Bayliss

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Good answer.


Thanks, I'll give it another look. I really don't think I tore the ribbon. I was very careful and also the bottom screen works fine. It's very tedious work and I have been letting this sit for months. If this it's not a bad connection I may scrap it before I buy another screen...this has been more than I care to deal with. My poor daughter is terribly attached to her DS lite. She will not like the idea of just buying a new one. Thanks again!


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