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My aux plug in seems out of reach?

My auxilary plug in works on some cords, but not all of them (I have taken my case off.) It wasn't long before I found out that if I pushed down hard enough on every aux plug in I could get it to play music. With headphones, car aux cords and ihome cords it all works if I push hard enough. It seems as though the connector has become just out of reach? My brother said to put tin foil down the plug in... I've learned to not follow his advice before so not about to start now, any suggestions. It won't play music unless pushed down far enough to reach the connector

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Have you tried the original headphones (if you don't have them anymore, borrow them for the test)?

If yes, and they work without pushing down hard, then it means everything else you're using is ill-fitted.

If the original ones don't fit in properly, then it could mean that something's wrong with the headphones jack cable, and it needs replacement such as by following thi guide that has all the needed steps, tools, and parts. Note that that particular repair is a bit of a PIA.

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Clean out the headphone jack port, possible some lint or fuzz ball is stuck down in there.

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