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Дата выхода 19 сентября 2014 года. Это маленькая версия iPhone 6 Plus с 4.7-дюймовым экраном.

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Touch id no longer works on iPhone 6 after screen replacement


I have replaced my iphone 6 screen. All went well but when removing the silver LCD back plate i had slightly torn the flex cable which was stuck to the lcd cracked screen.

I went ahead and finished the phone but the finger ID and password key no longer works, so my question is if i go ahead and replace the long flex cable will this work or will it mess up the finger ID?

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Depending on which flex is actually torn, either the interconnect or the Touch ID is where your solution will be.

If the cable on the LCD Plate is torn, you're ok. (iPhone 6 LCD Shield Plate with Sticker and Home Cable) (Take a look here to see if the cable is along this part)

But, if the flex on the Touch ID is torn, you're going to have much more of a headache.

The reason being is that the cable that connects the board along the LCD shield can be ripped and replaced with no issues. But, if the Touch ID flex is torn, Touch ID will never properly work again as its individually tied to each phone. That said, you can replace the Touch ID and get the home button functionality back, but the biometric aspect will not fully function again without the original part.

iPhone 6 LCD Shield Plate with Sticker and Home Cable Изображение


iPhone 6 LCD Shield Plate with Sticker and Home Cable


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Question..... so the one I just did...the home button works. The fingerprint does not. (it is the original that I transferred over). I think my problem occurred when I was pelling the cable off that has the connecter attached to the metal shield. Is that the part I can replace and get the biometrics back or am I SOL?



You Can Always Try It! Usually With The Original You Don't Get One Functionality Without The Other. If You Haven't Already Try A Hard Reset By Holding The Home And Power Button. If That Doesn't Work, Turn Touch ID Off In Settings, Turn It Back On And See If It Allows To Enroll Fingerprints. From There, If You Still Have Issues, Try Testing With Another Or Purchasing Another LCD Backplate With Flex. If That Still Doesn't Work Unfortunately Chances Are The Touch ID Flex Cable Has Been Damaged Beyond Repair And The Home Button Functionality Is All That Will Be Available Going Forward On The Device.


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change the button of your original screen to your news screen will work.

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after doing that if not work try to reset.


What do you mean by reset?


Thanks for the info but this us the original button..the part damaged is the cable attached to the silver lcd backplate again from the original screen


by reset mean you can go to setting and reset your device

and yah button from original screen will work.


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