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Model A1013, A1052, A1085, or A1107 / 1440x900 screen resolution

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USB connection breaking when plug moved or wiggled as when on lap.

Worn USB receptacles..

Device removal warning comes up when using portable HD if plug moved at all..

Have used different cables with same results..

Can USB receptacles be repaired or rehabed?

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Good question.


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Here's how to repair it: PowerBook G4 Aluminum 17" 1-1.67 GHz PRAM Battery & USB Board Replacement

On the first page of the guide, you'll see a list of four Relevant Parts. These are for the four different speed machines. Click on the appropriate one to go to the correct part. The first one looks like this: [связанный продукт отсутствует или отключен: IF155-010]

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Thank you Mayer for the rapid response, sorry I have been slow in acknowledging your effort.

I had no idea that the two USB ports on this machine are not directly related.

Actually I thought they were both soldered onto the mother or logic board.

I have received another response aimed at fixing the port on the other side of the machine which apparently does have to be soldered.

I really do not know how I have managed to mess up both USB ports but I do carry a trackball mouse and portable HD which I am unpluging and plugging in all the time.

At any rate now I know what has to be done. I was in hopes there would be a way of either bending the tangs up or down for better contact and or using a rotary switch cleaner to etch and lube the ports for better contact.

Rest assured that I will be very careful with the ports until I can effect a repair.




Glad I could help.


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