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My daughter's computer won't start!

This is my daughters computer and awhile back the battery stopped charging. She told me that when she would start it a message would come up asking her to press enter to continue. She got in the habit of hitting enter so one time she hit enter before she was asked and the screen went black but the computer stayed on. After awhile she unplugged the power supply to stop the hard drive from running. Since then the computer has not turned on at all. Can I save her computer or has it seen it's last?

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The message that came up that she bypassed by hitting enter, was likely a message inform you that the battery needed to be replaced. Currently, you stated that the computer does not turn on at all. Does this mean no lights come on when it is plugged in or is the screen still black.


What happens when you remove the battery(if you can) and just use AC power?

If you can't boot, her unplugging and the battery being bad might have corrupted the hard drive. You might have to reformat it to get it to boot again.

This seems like nothing serious to be honest.


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This could be due to a number of problems. First, the hard-drive might have shut down incorrectly. If the problem is indeed caused by the battery, try using a different ac adapter. The one that the laptop had been using might have a bad capacitor. The laptop might also have to be plugged in when its being used. Another problem could be with the RAM on her computer. This is unlikely, but does produce symptoms like this. To fix that, you would have to unscrew the screws on the bottom of the PC. Once you remove the panel, you should see the RAM sticks. Try switching these around. Here is a guide: HP G72 Memory Module Replacement

There are many problems that could be occurring. These are just a few that could cause a problem like this.

Good Luck!

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