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The OPPO N1 is an Android smart phone developed by OPPO Electronics unveiled September 23, 2013.

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How much the worth of motherboard of oppo N1?

hi. i would like to ask if do you have a motherboard of the oppo n1?? my N1 its not detecting any sim, the technician said that the motherboard must be replace by new one. and would like to ask if theres any motherboard of N1 and how much and wehere can i buy that are not so expensive? hope you can help me? tnx

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I also have the same problem.. Oppo N1 motherboard has been damaged & its in 1 year warranty too... But they are not repairing my phone in warranty.. I have to pay for it.. And its too expensive.. Plz help me out to buy a motherboard of Oppo n1 at cheap rate.. Thanks!!


Hi, I accidentally dropped my N1 in some water , it's working fine but the camera and the flashlight aren't working, I dunno if i should only replace the rotation part or the hole motherboard, btw the speaker on the front and the proximity sensor are also working fine.

Can you help me please ?


Will you please give me your oppo n1 I can repir my phone my contact number is +923366714315


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From Priyanka's comments above, I would contact Oppo to get a quote for the cost of a replacement motherbaard if you are out of warranty. Their support page should provide you with the relevant contact information to get in touch with them. I reviewed the OPPO N1 Motherboard Replacement to see what the motherboard looks like and found one listing on eBay. As, I am in the US, my search may not expand to sellers in the EU, so you might want to try a similar search if you are not in the US.

I would recommend contacting the iFixit EU Parts Store support to also see if they have any recommendations that might be helpful as well.

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