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Updated version of the original iPad 2, released in March of 2012 with a smaller die processor and updated internal construction. Repair will require the use of heat and careful prying.

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My logic board is different, the microprocessor is horizontal

Me I have the schematic of the logic board, because I can not find , and as you can see , the colocation of the processor is different, is horizontal

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I tried uploap a photo, is the IPAD 2 1395 emc 2560, scuse me the english, I speak spanish


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There are two iPad 2 models. The first model is EMC 2415. The new model is the EMC 2560.

The logic board lay-out is different for those 2 models, and usually (but I could be wrong) we can only find the schematic for the older model which is EMC 2415. So you are probably looking at the schematic of the 2415 right now.

If you ever find the other schematic, please let us know here that it exists. I am also looking for it :)

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The only answer I can give is that you have a different model than the schematic you have.

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