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An upgraded version of the Microsoft Surface, the Microsoft Surface Pro (1514) Laptop/Tablet hybrid is very difficult to open and repair without further breaking the device.

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Surface Pro won't turn on but the home button still works.

My surface won't turn on.

What happens:

1.the charger's light is off

2.the screen is off

3.the home button vibrates when pressed

It isn't in warranty anymore but I can't afford to replace it and I do not have the right tools to fix it...

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it might be stuck in standby mode or the screen might be bad. Try a full reset by holding the power button and the volume up for about 15 seconds and see if it will reset to the surface logo- if it does it should boot from there. This might be one of those surface stuck in standby glitches that can be fixed by a full power off with the above step.

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I’m having The same problem please help

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Yes, me as well.


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Tried the hard reboot with the volume up, and power button, but it did nothing. Are there any other ideas on how to fix this ?

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I have had the same issue for 2 years with my Surface 2 purchased in 2013.


  • when I press the power button, the screen does not start (stays black)
  • the windows button works (ie it vibrates when pressed)
  • the power cable’s light is on for approx. 10 min and then goes off
  • When I hard reboot, the windows button does not vibrate anymore

I managed to start it again by hard rebooting then pressing the power button many many times. At some point, it starts, and when it does, I keep it turned ON all the time (no sleep, no hibernate, no power off - see power options).

I don’t know how to fix it. I feel it is the battery because the time goes off after such restart. Battery should keep it but it does not, so that’s my clue.

Please help. Thanks in advance!

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