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Apple's 2012 first-generation 7.9-inch iPad mini, with 16, 32, or 64 GB of storage and an A5 processor.

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iPad Mini; Replacing Digitizer; Are The Magnets Really Necessary?

A friend asked me to repair the cracked digitizer on her daughter's iPad Mini. There were already several small pieces of glass cracked off, and the digitizer was still working, but the screen was jumping randomly when toughed.

I did not notice until I got the digitizer completely off, that I am missing one of the magnets. I have read that they are to help hold down the smart cover.

I am a perfectionist, and can sometimes get myself into trouble trying to be too perfect with things I repair.

Would there be any major problems if I leave these magnets off, or just leave off the one magnet that is missing and install the other? I do not believe her daughter has a smart cover, but what if she purchases one after the repair, and there are no magnets?

Thanks in Advance!

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Thank you for the reply. The back of the digitizer is where I first saw the magnet that I did find. As you can probably tell, this is my first iPad repair. Such a pain dealing with all the adhesive. The digitizer was cracked so badly that it was already missing pieces in the corners.

Another thing is, I did not know I was supposed to gently peel off and save the very small pads covering 2 of the screws that hold the lcd down. I am probably not the first to do that either. I am wondering if I should cover them with a small piece of tape? I have got some small spongy self sticky pads, but it would be extremely difficult to cut them down to that tiny size.


They help, but aren't necessary. The main thing to know about mini's, and I can't stress this enough. To anyone changing a screen on these unplug the battery terminal first. And, be careful with it. If any of the digitizer, or led connectors come off first you could damage the logic board.


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I think you already answered your question. You are right that they are to hold down the Smart Cover. The mini works perfectly fine without them. If you can live with the situation it's not going to hurt anything. If she gets a Smart Cover it just won't hold itself together as well as with two. But, just checking, did you check the back of the digitizer for the other magnet? They get stuck on there sometimes. I can't imagine that it fell out unless it's been opened before.

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The magnets can also play a role in use of the power button. You'll sometimes find that the power button doesn't work because the smart cover is always active since no magnets are present.

We have forgotten to put the magnets back for some customers at our store at iRepairIT (www.irepairit.com) but most don't seem to care about the smart case.

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i have a question ?

The magnet in the touch panel cause any effect on the functionality of touch with out them?

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