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Repair guides for Windows cell phones manufactured by Nokia.

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How can I get my Nokia Lumia 640 XL screen fixed?

Hello. I recently purchased the Nokia Lumia 640 XL which has not been released in the United States yet. I cracked my screen today. After contacting Nokia I was told they couldn't see my IMEI number, 10,000 phones repair shop down the street said they couldn't fix windows phones, and my local Microsoft won't do repairs. Only replacements.

I seems like I will have to do it myself so can someone help me figure out where I need to go for equipment including the new screen itself? A written guide would also be nice.

I believe the screen itself is the only issue. Everything else on the phone works including the parts that are not cracked.

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You can change the screen. But it's not cheap (https://stellatech.com/microsoft-lumia-6...)

I found this, too: http://www.parts4repair.com/complete-scr...

Maybe I can create a Guide, if you buy a new one.

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