No picture and LEDs do not blink (solid)

Hello all -

I am trying to fix a Sony KDL-40HX701.

There is no picture (not the message, actually a blank screen).

When power is on, the LEDs are solid Green.

When power is off, the LEDs are solid Red.

When power is on and remote is used the Green LED blinks - appears to be acknowledging that the remote is communicating.

I have the back cover off and just visually inspecting. Do not 'see' anything that appears burned or broken.

Suggestions on what to do next?


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I was told that the set quit working during a strong thunderstorm, and was NOT plugged into a surge protector.


Possible that you have a power board issue. Double check to see if you have an image on your screen, just no backlight. Turn your TV on and use a flashlight. Angle that against the LCD and check to see if you can make out faint outlines.


will do! saw the flashlight test on YouTube - will post outcome of test - thx!


could not see any faint images with flashlight :(

... dang, worth the try tho... thx


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