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Released June 2012, Model A1278. Intel processor with Turbo Boost, Up to 512 MB DDR5 Video RAM

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Best procedure for logic board water damage


I have a macbook pro mid 2012 and not very much water seeped through the back.. the screen then had distorted colours,flickered and it died apart from the magsafe orange light . Stupidly the battery was still connected for some time after.

I took it to the shop and they said it would cost £750 to repair, stating it was the logic board that was damaged.

Firstly could it be the fuse, or something that relates to the display connection as well?

I tried to take some pictures but it could not focus... the damage on the top surface of the logic board doesn't seem that extensive (a few components look like they have a some transparent hard substance around/on them). the top right could have damage, but then again it looks like dust.

So my plan of action was going to be:

- to follow a guide to take out the logic board to see the bottom surface.

- clean in 99% ethanol and use a tooth brush

I'm not sure how to go about this. I was planning on not removing the cpu as I doubt it is damaged and am apprehensive about thermal paste etc.? does that mean i can still bathe the logic board?

I am using another laptop, but would be thrilled to get this one working.

I would really appreciate some tips. how long to bathe etc. and any general opinion.

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You obviously took this to an idiot's repair shop where all they can do is swap boards because they can't use their brain! I am sorry for your experience - but you did a very good thing in running far far away! That was step one! Now onto step two; let's see if we can fix this board. :-)

Just copying and pasting this part from another post I made today.

Take board out and use toothbrush, a $1 baking tray from corner store deli, and 99% alcohol from the pharmacy. 91% will do if they don't have 99%. Brush GENTLY in circles. GENTLY.

Then put it in an oven at 220f for a few hours.

THIS IS NOT TO REFLOW SOLDER!!!!! That is a myth and fixes nothing. We are just trying to remove all remaining remnants of water. Alcohol displaces water and is a good cleaning agent, so immersing the board in alcohol to do the brush cleaning is important.

After the cleaning, into the oven for a few hours. Preferably an oven you never plan on cooking in again. Then try to turn it on after letting it cool off for fifteen minutes or so.

Obviously remove CPU heatsink and thermal paste before doing this so you don't get a bunch of thermal paste under the other components. Dry napkin is fine for this.

If it turns on great. If it does not turn on, measure voltage on PPBUS_G3H on F7040 should be 12.6v, measure for PP3V42_G3H on pin 2 of L6995 should be 3.42v, measure for PP5V_S5 on C7273 should be 5v, measure for PP5V_S3 on C7291 should be 5v.

From what you have posted, I am guessing your laptop has an 820-3115 board. Please confirm by looking around the fan area on the motherboard for small letters. If this is the case, please find yourself a boardview and a schematic for this motherboard. I cannot do this for you as these documents are illegal to distribute or possess, so some hunting is required. I hope someday to live in a better world where distributing documentation used to repair out of warranty products that the manufacturer gives you the middle finger on is not illegal, we'll see how it goes since that senate lobbying from last month, but I'm not holding my breath yet. Either way.......

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yes its 820-3115 board. I've removed the board, purchased some 99% isopropanol.


im guessing this is just adhesive and not damage?, theres quite a lot of it on a array of chips


That picture is too overexposed, overlit, and blurry to be helpful. Measure at the points I asked about and let me know what you find.


Does this actually work


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Macbook pro 13 ' retina - late 2013 - Charger turns amber i mesure 12.55 volts on the battery connector but only for few seconds then the voltage drops to about 2.33 v - then it reboots and starts over again.

I can still boot perfectly with the smc by passed ( holding power when connecting the magsafe)

I've cleaned the mobo like 10 times allready - what can i measure to test whats wrong?

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Hi I spilled water on my MacBook Pro mid 2012 and I cleaned the logic board with alcohol as you said but now it just shows me a dim green and orange light popping simultaneously when changing and nothing is happening did I do something wrong?

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