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Repair guides and support for Ford's third-generation E-Series full-size van, also known as the Econoline or Ford Club Wagon.

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Ford e250 van sputters/dies after heavy rain wont restart after dryin

Ford e250 cargo van

checked all fuses all good little water found on wire harness and close to a some box on top with 3 wires coming out

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A little vague there. locate the box, Drivers side? and markings.. I.e. Part Nums Wire colors. try WD-40 to dry contacts?


Is this problem repeatable? It sounds like it rained once and the van died permanently but if that's the case diagnosing is difficult.


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rking, No start condition after heavy rain. This is a probable cause of distributor cap/rotor condensation causing erratic spark, pull cap, look for moisture, wear/hairline cracks and corrosion. If cap looks OK spray with electronic wire dryer or some product that will displace the moisture, cap may just not sealing on base.

Also spray really well, all plug wires, coil, control module and any other wires/plugs that have to do with ignition. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.


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Check for sparks when starting up engine. Look at spark plug wires. May have cracks and or other wear. Look at distributor cap. Timing adjustment door may be missing or stuck open. Hope this helps.

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