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maglite mini 2 AA xenon flashlight by maglite

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batterey replacement fir my Mini Maglite AA

I did what you said but when I removed the disc there is another

black plastic device that looks like it has to come out the other end because there is a lip holding it in place

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I tried to take the end cap off with two wrenches and it wouldn't budge.

It's now soaking in WD 40 and hopefully that will work.

If not it'll get the deep six!


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Unscrew the cap on the end opposite of the light bulb.

used Ikea AA, after a year, how can get the battery out?

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The answer above, "Unscrew the cap on the end opposite of the light bulb." doesn't answer the original question regarding removing the second piece of plastic under the lightbulb holder. So, no, the question was not answered.

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