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iPhone 5 water damage LCD issues.

I have an iPhone 5 that is water damaged. The internals of the phone dont look horrible but there is definitely proof of water damage.

The weird part is that everything works but the LCD.

Even the digitizer works to unlock the phone, and I can hear the speaker.

The lcd is completely dark as if the phone is completely off.

Thoughts? I have 91% iso alcohol and canned air ready to go if thats the best option.


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Your best bet is to have it professionally cleaned after taking out the logic board and removing the shields. A lot of corrosion is taking place underneath the shields which cannot be removed otherwise.

Cleaning means displacing the water using IPA and a soft brush over corroded parts. Then ultrasonic then rinse, displace water again and dry.

On the short run, you may get away with replacing the screen after superficially cleaning the board without removing the shields. But soon enough it will fail for good.

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